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Results: non-LD River place homeowner survey

A big thank you to all who responded to the non-LD River Place homeowner survey!


We have compiled the results here. 


•  As background, there are 110 homes in the non-LD part of RP, as compared to 1001 homes in the RPLD. These are distributed as follows: Cortana Ridge (24), Enclave Vista (22), Merrywing (19), Milky Way (24), The Ranch (15), and 6 on RiverPlace Blvd between Milky Way and Merrywing.


•  The average 2018 appraised home value in the non-LD part of RP was $943,550 as compared to $720,434 for RPLD homes.


•  There were 47 survey responses (~40%) which were fairly evenly distributed across the neighborhood.


•  20%  of respondents have previously resided in the RP MUD, and of course paid MUD/LD taxes.


•  5 homeowners expressed interested in joining the RPLD.


•  29 homeowners expressed interest in other options for accessing RPLD amenities.


•  26 homeowners said that an annual pass option would be of most interest. While the survey was ongoing, the RPLD board decided to institute a $400/year annual pass option for non-LD homeowners. For reference, including waste services 82% of LD residents pay less in RPLD tax.


•  In the general comments, there was much frustration and unhappiness expressed with the RPLD and HOA board members, e.g. “Thank you for asking our opinion. The River Place HOA Board made decisions without asking our opinion, in part because no member of the River Place HOA Board lives outside the LD. I hope an agreement can be reached because excluding us from policies is a divisive and unwelcome way to do business”.

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