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A  beautiful neighborhood in the hills of Austin

We are dedicated to creating a diverse and welcoming River Place community where all residents are respected.  We also promote initiatives within River Place that encourage a healthy active lifestyle.

Important News
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Our goal is a united River Place where all residents are welcome, respected, and allowed to participate in decisions that affect our community.  A committee of non-Limited District residents have been meeting to discuss a range of potential actions.  

See the recent opinion survey for River Place Austin (non-LD) residents. 

Survey of non-LD Residents


Representative comment: “Thank you for asking our opinion. The River Place HOA Board made decisions without asking our opinion, in part because no member of the River Place HOA Board lives outside the LD. I hope an agreement can be reached because excluding us from policies is a divisive and unwelcome way to do business”.

Milestone Development

River Place residents are organizing to provide input on the proposed Milky Way development.

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RPLD enters agreement with TPWD for River Place Trail

TPWD reports that after long negotiation with the RPLD the district has agreed to no longer charge for the Panther and Little Fern trails. These trails were constructed using $500,000 TPWD and $100,000 LCRA grants.  The TPWD grant specifically prohibited the original fee. RPLD has also brought tennis court and pavillion fees into compliance with TPWD guidelines.  TPWD informed the RPLD in July of 2019 that they were not in compliance and should stop charging immediately.  The RPLD board flouted those instructions and continued to charge the fee in direct defiance of the grant contract and TPWD policy.  The RPLD finally complied in August of 2020 after attornies for TPWD threatened to take action against the RPLD.  All Texas taxpayers should appreciate the efforts of TPWD to ensure that Texas funded parks, trails, and other public amenities remain accessible to all Texans.

River Place Limited District ends $10 fee on two sections of the River Place trail, Community Impact


  • The RPLD may no longer charge a fee for the Panther Hollow or Little Fern trails.

  • The RPLD says it is still planning to charge $10 per person for access to Canyon trail on weekends.

  • Rather than place a fee station at the junction where Canyon meets the other two trails, they have stationed the fee taker at the usual place in Woodlands Park.  Just tell them you are not hiking Canyon trail and they should not charge anything.  They continue to station a fee taker at the Canyon trail-head on River Place Blvd.

  • RPLD must publish days and times when a fee will be charged for Canyon trail.

  • In general the access points are only manned during peak weekend hours.  Remember if you continue down to Woodlands Park you can use the lower trail for free at any time.



Trail map with fee stations

RP Trail

Trail History

The first two phases of the River Place trail were constructed as part of Woodlands Park.  Construction was financed with a $500,000 grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife, $500,000 from the developer, and $100,000 from the Lower Colorado River Authority.  The property was also donated by the developer. A local company, RVI planning, managed the project. Hill Country News

Part of the trail was closed in 2012 because it encroached on the BCP Four Point News March 2012.

For 15 years the River Place MUD treated all River Place HOA residents as equals.  HOA members paid the same fees for access to the tennis courts and park rentals regardless of their location inside or outside the MUD.  The trail was free to everyone.  After annexation by the city of Austin and creation of the Limited District, the newly installed LD board moved immediately to treat some of the HOA members as nonresidents and institute fees for access to the trail. Four Points News, Community Impact February 2019 (see comments).

KVUE Hikers react to new fee

KVUE story update

Community Impact story: TPWD "looking into" River Place fees.  See letter from TPWD.

September 16, 2019 TPWD says RP Trail fee must end

KVUE August 26, 2019

A good history of the trail and the recent controversy has been published by Texas Hiking.

Trail Agreement


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